Legends, myths, places of power

The project is in the preliminary phase (preparations).

Subject area

Gösseringgraben, Schützenpark, Mühlbach, Radnig, Grünburg (and possibly more)

Idea & Realization

Gudrun Kargl, geoculturist, in collaboration with Gia Simetzberger, Gailtal Academy Santonino

Trigger or core of the project

The problems around the Mühlbach in Hermagor caused a lot of thinking about possible solutions.

The commitment to the Mühlbach has been threefold since the decision was made to also implement a geoculture project in and around Hermagor:

  1. Citizens' initiative Save the Mühlbach including signature campaign on site and online petition
  2. Dual art action Messages to the Mühlbach and Pro Mühlbach
  3. Geoculture project Mühlbach, Gössering, Schützenpark and surroundings


Existing projects should be included:

Gailtaler dowsing rod hiking trail (Peter Bachmann)

Gold seat stones (Johannes Angebrauer)


In the preliminary phase, old records are examined (old maps, historical texts), power places and historically interesting sites are visited and interference zones are traced.

In the main phase there will be events in which interventions will be developed.

Subsequently, interference zones are to be harmonised, artistic projects close to nature are to be realised and power places are to be cultivated.


Support has already been promised from several sides or interest in cooperation has been expressed.

Contact: Gia Simetzberger