The Hermagor Mühlbach inseparably connected with the history of Hermagor, is the soul of the place, is the secret landmark of the city.

We dedicate this portal to our beloved Mühlbach. Here we present initiatives, projects and other cultural activities around the Hermagor Mühlbach.

At the moment this website consists of three sections


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     Citizens' Initiative Save the Mühlbach in Hermagor!

                                                            > Online petition for the millstream

                    Dual art project for the Mühlbach

                               > Messages to the millstream, Pro Mühlbach

               Further kultural activities around the millstream

                          > Cultural projects

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Brookside Stories (Siegfried Hajszán)

A gift from the composer to the Hermagor Mühlbach!

(instrumental, 3 min.)

Siegfried Hajszán


Short video Magic Mühlbach, GEP, 2007 (2 min.)


Documentary Impressions Tragic Mühlbach, Gia Simetzberger, 2016 (7 min.)