Hermagor, the town of water

Gia Simetzberger, 14 04 2021

Hermagor is predestined by its geographical conditions to become a city of water.

Crossed by a river and several streams, surrounded by other water bodies of great diversity and beauty, it lends itself to specialize in this focus, through appropriate

  • Dealing with the topic of water
  • Events on the topic
  • Publications on the subject

The great diversity of the subject of water is already evident in my Watercourse project or watercourse concept alluded to. Also the artistic film project Messages of the water at many natural sites in and around Hermagor, which I started with my two then still very young sons and which is still waiting for completion, let many additional thoughts arise.

Here are just a few of the keywords that can lead to further projects, sub-projects, series of events, guided tours, lectures...

Theme water - gigantic diversity

Health - drinking amount, water balance of the body...

Water cures, Kneipp, drinking cures etc.

Beverage production and water quality - juices, beer, lemonades...

Water quality, water tests, filter systems, water purification

site design, water zones, water rushing, fountains, refreshment, recreation

Disaster control, flood protection, shoring

Design of biotopes, revitalisation

Utilization, purification, energization Agriculture

Energy production - hydropower, propulsion, engines, vehicles

Our fire brigade, fire fighting - for young and old

Bath culture, pools, bath additives, essences

Physics - secrets of water, structures, models

Exploring water, play projects for children

Swimming, swimming lessons, swimming techniques, competitions, games

Art - Symposia, Land and Water Art, Landscape Art, Painting, Sculpture, Videos, Poetry, Narratives, Plays.

Painting with water, watercolours, watercolour painting for beginners and advanced students

Water, bodies of water from a subtle or geomantic point of view

Water consecration, holy water, blessing with water - religious and shamanic customs

vitality, energization of drinking water, irrigation water

water purification, sewage treatment plants, self-made biopurification plant, experienced with it

Aquaponics and experience with it

renaturation of waters

Watering systems, irrigation, irrigation in other areas of the world

Stocking with native species, nature conservation issues

Snow, avalanches, avalanche shoring

Hail, Hail protection, Storm, Observation

Fish farming, fishing, fish ponds, restaurants

Animals on the water, hikes, guided tours

Mountain lakes - special features, photo exhibition

Water games for kids - making boats, folding paper ships...

Diving, hobby and professional divers, experience reports, opportunities

Aquariums, conservation of species, popular hobby

Cairns on the water and recordings thereof

Hermagor in geological view - seabed, today mountains

Adventure world, hikes, guided tours

Historic - floods, way of life with water, well construction, usage

Mills - once and today

Boulders, gold panning - mineralogical foci

Water adventures - sailing, kiting, rafting, canoeing...

Aquatic animals - wildlife events - what lives in our waters....

and I'm sure there are other possibilities.

Of course, like everywhere else, implementation requires people who are interested and capable of doing so.

We are convinced, everything is available here.

Therefore, this topic Hermagor, the town of water for the time being and it is hoped that feedback will crystallise and that this raw concept will be taken up.

If clever work is done here and harmonious cooperation is created, it may well happen that soon the whole world will take notice of and admire this positive example of a small mountain town.