The dual art project for the millstream

  An initiative of the Hermagor artists' association

The Hermagorer Mühlbach has been carrying less and less water in recent years and has dried up altogether since 2020.

An Citizens' Initiative has been campaigning for the preservation of the Mühlbach since 2016. The facts are on the page of the citizens' initiative Save the Mühlbach in Hermagor documented.

Rettet den Mühlbach Logo

There's a Online petition this citizens' initiative with the wish to restore the Hermagorer Mühlbach and to preserve this jewel for future generations.

The Hermagor artists decided to set a sign as well, and therefore asked artists and cultural workers to send messages to the Mühlbach, and at the same time organize the art action PRO MÜHLBACH in Hermagor am Mühlbach, which will start on 25 June 2021 with an evening vernissage with music and perfiormance.

"Merrily we sail through the night (K.N. 12)," a musical offering to the millstream by MIHA

MIHA's message to the millstream

Dual art action for the Mühlbach 2021

Messages to the Mühlbach

These digital messages from near and far come from nature-loving artists and cultural workers who want the Hermagor Mühlbach to flow again.

She is known as Online gallery zu sehen, wobei jedem Beitrag eine eigene Seite gewidmet ist.

Messages to the Mühlbach

All contributions that have reached us by 30. Mai 2021 erreichten, sind in einer Kurzfassung als

Slideshow "Messages to the Mühlbach".

zu sehen, und zwar

  • in der Hermagorer Innenstadt ab Anfang Juni bis Mitte Juli 2021 in einigen Räumlichkeiten und
  • auf dieser Webseite, auch in musikalisch unterlegten Versionen

This Slideshow läuft in der Hermagorer Innenstadt

  • bei Markus Wagenhofer, Hauptstraße 20, im Schaufenster seiner Galerie
  • im Haus Pilz, Schützenparkgasse 3, gegenüber vom Schützenpark
  • bei der Kärntner Sparkasse
  • bei der Raiffeinkasse

Die folgende Version ist dafür konzipiert, vor und während der lokalen Veranstaltung PRO MÜHLBACH gezeigt zu werden, also ab jetzt bis ca. Mitte Juli 2021. Spieldauer ca. 37 Minuten (stumm), 38 Minuten (mit Hintergrundmusik unterlegt).

Hier noch eine gemächliche, musikalisch unterlegte Version, die ebenfalls die aktuellen Hinweisen anthält. Spieldauer ca. eine Stunde. Wechsel der Slides alle zehn Sekunden.

Contact: Gia Simetzberger





In Hermagor in June and July 2021 there will be a collective artistic event will take place under this name. Renowned Carinthian artists will participate. There will be Object art and Land Art Objects shown.

Organizing team:. Herbert Unterberger. Engelbert Obernosterer, Inge Lasser

Artistic direction: Inge Lasser, Obervellach near Hermagor.

The Vernissage


will be held on Friday, June 25, 2021, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Schützenpark in Hermagor, is taking place.

Sie wird mit literarischen Worten und M;usik umrahmt und wird teilweise auch performanceartigen Charakter haben. Bei ausgesprochenem Schlechtwetter wird die Vernissage um einen Tag verschoben.

More about it here.

The motives

Both actions are to be understood as a reaction to the intolerable state of affairs that has now lasted for many years and about which there is bewilderment in the region. The stream bed has been completely dry for a year now.

For centuries the Hermagor Mühlbach has been the secret Hermagors landmark. The inhabitants of Hermagor call it a jewel, indeed they consider it the soul of the village. Until recently, no one in the village could have imagined that it would one day have no water.

According to our current information (June 2021), a concrete solution is currently being worked on at the level of officials (state and municipality). The Mühlbach should flow again, the state and the municipality are also sure of that, so basically it is only a question of if, but when for our beloved Mühlbach.

The language of art

With their lyrics, songs, photographs, videos and other works, the artists in the Messages to the Mühlbach their Connectedness to nature off.

They sit down apolitically for the preservation of this treasure on.

There is a clear dividing line between the actionism of the citizens' initiative and the two art actions. In the latter, the focus is on artistic expression and the relationship with nature.


Water always finds its way.

Hans Egger, Hermagor

Water vortex in the Hermagorer Mühlbach, 2007


GIF by Gia Simetzberger