Water project

In the course of the film work for an artistic project "Messages of Water" I (gia) realized that most people consider water only as a commodity, but water is much more and its secrets are not completely clarified. More mindfulness for water, that should be taught to people already at a young age. There are many aspects to it, and people should be made aware of this diversity. So one day I sat down and wrote the following concept off the cuff, hoping that someone in Hermagor would be inspired by it. Unfortunately, there was not the response I had hoped for. Although I told them that I don't live in Hermagor all the time, they seemed to expect me not only to deliver the idea and the concept, but also to pre-finance it and to take care of it permanently. Therefore the concept still lies fallow.

Water project for Hermagor's schools and kindergartens

Dear Mr. Veider, 
In the above matter I first turned to Ms. Millonig (HLW), then on her advice to Dr. Potocnik. He referred me to you (see correspondence below). 
I basically can't do anything else but submit my project proposal to you as well. 
If the project is feasible, it can still be shaped and reshaped. 
As I learned, schools have to raise 20 percent of the funds themselves even in the case of LEADER funding. It would be a pity that such a project, which is enthusiastically received from the outline topic, fails due to a shortage of funds. There must be possibilities...! 
Enclosed in PDF.
Unfortunately, I'm only in Hermagor for days every few weeks, so probably again in mid-June. But basically my intervention is not necessary anyway. I am curious to see whether this highly topical and forward-looking project can be realized! 
With kind regards
Lygia Simetzberger
Bachstraße 32, Neusiedl, 7543 Kukmirn
or Schützenparkgasse 3, 9620 Hermagor
Tel. 0664 5671784

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Start of the forwarded message:

By: "Dr. Christian Potocnik" <poto@aon.at>
Date: 9 May 2019 at 19:48:53 CEST
To: Simetzberger
Subject:AW: Water concept - idea for a comprehensive school project

Sg. Mrs. Simetzberger!

Thank you very much for your documents, which I will look through in detail and at my leisure. With Mrs. Dir. Millonig we have a very committed headmistress in our community who has already successfully carried out several projects. Regarding your idea of the project "The waters in Hermagor - yesterday, today, tomorrow", it would be worth considering in principle whether a LEADER project could be developed from this and whether EU funds could be raised for this. It might be necessary to think a little more broadly and to include other water bodies in the municipality. But in order to implement a project like this successfully and sustainably, a financial framework will probably be urgently needed. Contact person for such LEADER projects in our region is Mr. Friedrich Veider from the association LAG Region Hermagor which can be reached via the Hermagor LAG office in the BH:

Office: Hauptstraße 44, A-9620 Hermagor,Tel.: 0043 (0)699/1111 65 95, email: friedrich.veider@region-hermagor.at

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Veider, who will be able to tell you whether this idea would be suitable for a LEADER project and which requirements have to be met. Mr. Veider is always available for interesting projects! I remain in the meantime

Yours sincerely, Christian Potocnik