The artists, their messages, their contributions


Brookside Stories by Siegfried Hajszán, a gift to the Hermagor Mühlbach

The following artists take part in the art action Messages to the Mühlbach part (Update 08 06 2021)

Ulrike Adler-Wiegele (text, photographs), Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp (image), Johannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff (image, image message), Buzgi Michael Buchacher (poem), Barbara Essl (photographs), Hans Egger (text, image), Peter Ian Espino Capocao (text, picture, poem), Drops of Hope 2 AHW HLW Hermagor (texts), Anni Fortunat (picture series, text and photography), Patricia Frida (text, picture), Hermann Fritz (text, song), Regina Fröhlich (text, photos), Gailtaler Literaturkreis (presentation, overview), Max Gangl (text, pictures), Horst Giertzuch (text, song), Bernhard Gigacher (dialect poem), Bernhard Gitschtaler (history, old view of Hermagor), Kurt Grollitsch (text, picture, Ludwig Haas (works), Hermine Gruber (dialect poem), Siegfried Hajszán (text, piece of music), Silvia Hashold (text, picture), llse Hirschmann (text, collage), Herta Hofer (picture gallery), Sigrid Elisabeth Huber (dialect poem), Sieglinde Jank (text, poems), Irmgard Janschitz (poem), Gabriela Kammerlander (poetry), Gudrun Kargl (text, picture), Edeltraud Kastner (poems), Friedrich Kohaut (text, picture), Jaan Karl Klasmann, Gerlinde Kreiger (text, poem), Ines Kuttnig, Werner Eugen Lardy (text, composition), Doris Lasser (project management), Inge Lasser (text graphics, picture gallery), Andrea Linzer (text, picture), Silvio Maturana (constructions), Ulrike Maturana Dorado (narration, nature photographs), MIHA (text, music), Monika Morrison (text, picture), Elisabeth Nagy (text), Iris Elisabeth Nerb (text, drum sounds), Andreas Obernosterer-Rupprecht (text, images), Engelbert Obernosterer (texts), Margit Obernosterer (texts, illustrated), Isabella Paier (text, images), Christin Breuil Pala (text, image), Jakob Koby Pernull (poem, photo), Christa Raich (poetry, photos), Claudia Rosenwirth-Fendre (poem), Andreas Rupprecht (text, pictures), Bernd Schirner (text, picture), Anna Schütz (text, picture), Edi Simetzberger (picture with text), Gia Simetzberger (text, picture), Peter Simetzberger jun. (text, picture), Sissy Sonnleitner (video message), Renate Tönnies (text, picture), Petra Treffner (text, pictures), Herbert Unterberger (text, works), Edith Unterguggenberger (poem, nature photos), Markus Wagenhofer (text, picture), Hubert Waldner (text), Eva Wassertheurer (text, pictures), Anita Wiegele (text, pictures), Wiener Glasharmonika Duo (text), Anni Viertler (dialect poem)

Art project Drops of Hope of the 2 AHW of the HLW Hermagor: Doris Lasser (management), Emanuel Binter, Laura Mussack, Catalina Serschön, Lea Umfahrer, Elias Zwick, Sarah Jozic, Emma Millonig, Antonia Salburg, Christof Walcher, Anna Aichelburg, Elena Druml, Noel Thor Köfele, Lea Pickerle, Ilaria Congera, Bianca Jarnig, Julia Warmuth

Gailtaler Literaturkreis Participation: Anni Fortunat, Herta Hofer, Sigrid Elisabeth Huber, Sieglinde Jank-Arrich, Gabriela Kammerlander, Edeltraud Kastner, Gerlinde Kreiger, Gerlinde Pettauer, Edith Unterguggenberger, Anni Viertler


Ulrike Adler-Wiegele

Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp

Johannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff

Buzgi Michael Buchacher

Hans Egger

Barbara Essl

Peter Ian Espino Capocao

Drops of Hope 2 AHW

Anni Fortunate

Patricia Frida

Hermann Fritz

Gailtaler literature circle

Max Gangl

Horst Giertzuch

Bernhard Gigacher

Bernhard Gitschtaler

Kurt Grollitsch

Hermine Gruber

Ludwig Haas

Siegfried Hajszán

Silvia Hashold

llse Hirschmann

Herta Hofer

Sigrid Elisabeth Huber

Sieglinde Jank

Irmgard Janschitz

Gabriela Kammerlander

Gudrun Kargl

Edeltraud Kastner

Frederick Kohaut

Jaan Karl Klasmann

Gerlinde Kreiger

Ines Kuttnig

Werner Eugen Lardy

Doris Lasser HLW-Project Drops of Hope

Inge Lasser

Silvio Maturana

Ulrike Maturana Dorado


Monika Morrison

Elisabeth Nagy

Iris Elisabeth Nerb

Andreas Obernosterer-Rupprecht

Engelbert Obernosterer

Margit Obernosterer

Isabella Paier

Christin Breuil Pala

Jakob Koby Pernull

Gerlinde Pettauer

Christa Raich

Claudia Rosenwirth-Fendre

Bernd Schirner

Anna Schütz

Edi Simetzberger

Gia Simetzberger

Peter Simetzberger jun.

Sissy Sonnleitner

Renate Toennies

Petra Treffner

Herbert Unterberger

Edith Unterguggenberger

Markus Wagenhofer

Hubert Waldner

Eva Wassertheurer

Anita Wiegele

Viennese Glass Harmonica Duo

Anni Viertler

Peace Seed Hermagor, Gudrun Kargl 2021


The Slideshow "Messages to the millstream" is in the Hermagor city centre on view from mid-June to mid-July, namely:

  • at Markus Wagenhofer, Hauptstraße 20, in the window of his gallery
  • in a window facing the Schützenpark, House Pilz, Schützenparkgasse 3
  • in the Raiffeisenbank Bezirksstelle Hermagor, Gasserplatz, in the foyerwhich is also accessible outside business hours.

  • by the Carinthian Savings Bank at the church square, east side shop window

We thank you very much for your support.

The Slideshow Messages to the Mühlbach ONLINE

Messages to the Mühlbach

An initiative of the Hermagor Artists' Association, 2021