Art action & vernissage PRO MÜHLBACH

The Schützenpark in Hermagor





As with the digital

Messages to the Mühlbach,

so also at the artistic group event


the connection with nature are expressed, they are the participating artists with sorrow and hope concerning the Mühlbach, it is about the fact that water is far more than just a consumer good.

© Anita Wiegele

This life-size figure by Anita Wiegele will play a role at the vernissage

The Vernissage entitled


will be held on

Friday, 25 June 2021

at Schützenpark in Hermagor

is taking place.

Start: 18:00

with music and performance

A day later in the event of decidedly bad weather.

The installations can be viewed a few hours before the opening.

Organizing Team: the artists of Hermagor Herbert Unterberger, Engelbert Obernosterer, Inge Lasser

Participations "PRO Mühlbach

Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp, Johannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff, Patricia Frida, Herta Hofer, Gudrun Kargl, Andrea Kopitsch, Inge Lasser, Rudi Lasser/Citizens' Initiative, Gailtaler Literaturkreis (Direction: Anni Fortunat), Andrea Malowerschnig, Ulrike Maturana Dorado/Citizens' Initiative, Elisabeth Muffat, Engelbert Obernosterer, Arno Popotnig, Gia Simetzberger, Petra Treffner, Herbert Unterberger, Markus Wagenhofer, Anita Wiegele, Ernst Wieser, group of pupils of the 2nd grade of the HLW Hermagor. AHW of the HLW Hermagor (Head: Doris Lasser).

Musical framework

BUZGI, the VADAs, Ja-Koby, Emelie

A short introduction of the participating artists

There is also a Link

with the digital art action  Messages to the Mühlbach in the form of Slideshowstarting in June in the Hermagor city centre is shown. This Slideshow is - accompanied by background music - also available online.

Warning, these shows are not available on YouTube without a link.

Our June 12, 2021 update on this. The slideshows are presented here!

BOTSCHAFTEN-Slideshow can be seen, MÜHLBACHPHANTASIEN at the vernissage (Blog Text #10)





Communication with the waters has already an artistic tradition here...
Temporary installation at the river Gail, Kollier für die Gail 2010, Gia S.