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Hermagor (official)


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Offices & Authorities

BH Hermagor, Department of Water Law

Governor for Carinthia

Alpine ClubSection Hermagor

Mayor, Hermagor

Tourism office Hermagor

City marketing, Hermagor

References since the new election (from April 2021)

Mayor Leopold Astner (ÖVP): financial management, asset management, human resources, regional planning and tourism.First Deputy Mayor Günter Pernul (SPÖ): fire brigade, culture, environmental and climate protection, waste management, energy. Second Deputy Mayor Irmgard Hartlieb (ÖVP): Municipal enterprises, cemeteries, monuments, lake redevelopment, economy and markets. City Councillor Martina Wiedenig (SPÖ): health, social affairs, education, library, women, generations, families and kindergartens. Councillor Hannes Burgstaller (ÖVP): civil engineering, water supply, sewerage, building yard, local beautification. Councillor Karl Tillian (List TILL): Agriculture and forestry, fishery, hunting, local and regional development, local image commission, local history museum Möderndorf. Councillor Siegfried Pirker (SPÖ): housing, sports, municipal buildings, torrent and river control as well as public transport and mobility.

Together for Hermagor

In addition, since 2018, there is an association "Together for Hermagor

The most detailed information that can be found about this is in an article by editor Conny Lexe https://www.meinbezirk.at/gailtal/c-lokales/ein-neustart-zum-wohl-hermagors_a3093753

Waters and areas in and around Hermagor (selection)



Gail, Gösseringgraben and Gössering-waterfall, Mühlbach https://rettetdenmuehlbach.wordpress.com/doku-sammlung/gail-goessering-muehlbach/

Hermagor Mühlbach


History, old plans rettetdenmuehlbach.wordpress.com/docu-collection/historical


An Footpath North of the oldest settlement part of Hermagor (Stocksteinerwand), lined by the Mühlbach and accompanied a little further by the Gössering. Popular walking path and shortcut from the town centre in the direction of Schützenpark and Gösseringgraben. Closed in winter for safety reasons.

The Zitterbachl

a small stream coming from the Guggenberg and flowing through the village of Hermagor. It is named after the fact that it swells strongly during floods and is therefore feared.

The Grießbachl

A tributary to the Gössering in the upper market, which can also only be seen in pieces and is then fed to the Gössering in pipes. Private owners have created a small idyll at the Grießbachl, below the Poleinerweg. In former times there was a small bath, in which many Hermagorians refreshed themselves and learned to swim.

The Martints

Field name for a slope on the sunny side of Hermagor, which was once adorned by magnificent meadows. Now the Martinzen has been parceled out and sold by the heirs of the former owner. Much of it is now building land, and where once there were peaceful grazing cows in summer and skiing and tobogganing children in winter, apartment blocks and private houses have now sprung up. A scenically valuable recreation area is lost and gives way to the housing needs of the people. Very nice view of the old town of Hermagor from the Martinzenweg.

The Gail, the main river


River vitalisation

Lake Pressegg

Water-experience/Lake Pressegg


Radnig - church, Badl, waterfall, hike


This is the name of the settlement above Hermagor on the route to Radnig. There is the well known Gailtalklinik, formerly a rehabilitation centre.

Grünburg near Hermagor

Malenthein Ruin

Hiking trails from Kühwegboden and Hermagor lead via the Anna Chapel to this hidden place at the foot of the Guggenberg.

Hiking short description

Art & Culture

Gailtal Art Symposium, Art symposium, annual 2004 to 2013, gailtal-art

Wulfenia Art Club

Remember Gailtal, Association

Our millstream

Art actions for the Hermagor Mühlbach 2021

Rettet den Mühlbach Logo

Citizens' Initiative Save the Mühlbach savethemuehlbach.wordpress.com

Facebook Group "Our Brother Mühlbach


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