The art project for the Mühlbach has grown up!

Some are already calling it a "megaproject" and attaching attributes to it such as "grandiose, top-class, unique, inspiring, demanding, incredibly diverse, touching".
We are pleased that our efforts have met with a positive response all round.
In the midst of the final rush to the event at Schützenpark, an update.

Messages to the Mühlbach

The digital messages come from nature-loving artists and cultural workers who want the Hermagor Mühlbach to flow again. They are known as Online gallery with a separate page dedicated to each contribution: Messages to the Mühlbach All contributions that reached us by the end of May 2021 are now also available in an abridged version as a

Slideshow "Messages to the Mühlbach".

both locally in Hermagor from the beginning of June in some rooms (as a silent presentation) and digitally on our websites, this in musically accompanied versions.

The Slideshow "Messages to the Mühlbach" ls running in the Hermagor city centre already, in fact

  • at Markus Wagenhofer, Hauptstraße 20, in the window of his gallery and
  • in the Raiffeisenbank Bezirksstelle Hermagor, Gasserplatz, in the foyerwhich is also accessible outside business hours.

  • by the Carinthian Savings Bank at the church square, east side shop window.

  • at House Pilz street side (Schützenparkgasse 3, Hermagor)

We would like to thank all our sponsors very much for their support.

Anyone who enjoys participating is welcome to share the slideshow on a monitor as well. The slideshows are also available in MP4 format (Contact: Gia Simetzberger)

The following (silent) version is designed to be shown before and during the local exhibition PRO MÜHLBACH, i.e. from now until about mid-July 2021 (playing time approx. 37 minutes).

With background music (38 minutes playing time):

And here is a leisurely version with a musical background, which also contains the current clues (playing time about one hour).

More Versions without date noteswith and without music, are still being worked out.



In Hermagor in June and July 2021 there will be a collective artifact will take place. Renowned Carinthian artists will participate. It will Object art respectively Land Art shown (installations).

Organizing Team: Herbert Unterberger, Engelbert Obernosterer, Inge Lasser.

Artistic direction: Inge Lasser, Obervellach near Hermagor.

© Anita Wiegele

This life-size figure by Anita Wiegele can be seen "in action" at the exhibition.


will be held on

Friday, June 25, 2021,

Start time 6:00 p.m,

in the Schützenpark in Hermagor, is taking place.

In case of extremely bad weather, the vernissage will be postponed by one day.

It will be framed with literary words and music, and some of it will have a performance-like character.

Details about PRO MÜHLBACH

More about it here (info page art action and vernissage PRO MÜHLBACH)

Gießkanne © Herta Hofer

This artistically painted watering can by Herta Hofer will also be on display at the PRO MÜHLBACH exhibition in Hermagor's Schützenpark.


Finally some additional info


Save the millstream

The Citizens' Initiative Save the millstream has been campaigning for the preservation of the Mühlbach since 2016. The facts are on the page of the citizens' initiative Save the Mühlbach in Hermagor documented.

Rettet den Mühlbach Logo

There's a Online petition this citizens' initiative with the wish to restore the Hermagorer Mühlbach and to preserve this jewel for future generations.

According to our current information (June 2021), a concrete solution is currently being worked on at the level of officials (state and municipality). The Mühlbach should run again, the state and the municipality are sure about that. So basically it is only a question of if and how, but when for our beloved Mühlbach.

However, it is still very important to set an example. The more citizen interest is documented, the more participation and co-design becomes possible.

Media reports

The WOCHE Online, Regionaut article from 11 June 2021

Die WOCHE Online, Regionauten article from 12 June 2021

Soon an article about the art action will appear in the Gailtal Journal.

A piece of music for the Mühlbach

Numerous poems and several pieces of music have been dedicated to the Hermagor Mühlbach in the past weeks and months. Here is one of them.

"Merrily we sail through the night (K.N. 12)", a musical gift to the millstream from MIHA (concert guitarist from the upper Gailltal), to be found here: MIHA's message to the millstream

(whereby you get to MIHA's messages page and jump right back to this portal, like hopping from one stone to another 😉 Isn't intentional, turned out that way for technical reasons).



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IMPORTANT NOTE: The official invitations are still provided with the requirements on the part of the BH Hermagor, which are currently prescribed to organizers. This invitation is for information only.