Other cultural activities

Variety, DigiArtMix, Gia S.

Cultural projects of all kinds

Initiatives, projects, recreational and learning opportunities, further Possibilities... What is listed here is in different stages of development. There are more projects planned, but that would go beyond the scope here.

Actions, Petitions

Signature collection on site for the Millstream, contact Ulrike Maturana Dorado (Domainko), Citizens' Initiative, Hermagor

Online petition for the Mühlbach expired, see new petition

Rettet den Mühlbach Logo

New online petition for the millstream, running

The Schützenpark, a resident signature campaign, started at the end of March 2021, wishes of the public for the design of the shooting park, contact: Helmut Wurian

There was another small idyllic park, the Peace Park. Until April 2021. At the bottom of this page two photos of how it looked rather it was divided (according to media reports) among three owners because the municipality did not want to buy it.

Experience, meeting and recreation areas for children and young people in and around Hermagor, commitment, contact: Bernhard Gitschthaler

Reason: There are no more meeting places for children and young people in the whole of Hermagor. No children's playground, no skate park, there is simply nothing left for young people in the local area.

History and memories

The Hermagor Mühlbach, from a historical perspective (Documentation, research Gia Simetzberger)

Historical guided tours in Hermagor, Bernhard Gitschtaler

Waters once and now, Research (Gailtal Academy Santonino)


Guided tours nature & culture

Guided herbal educational hikes, Ulrike Maturana Domainko, Hermagor

Historical guided tours in Hermagor, Bernhard Gitschtaler

New projects and opportunities

Cultural presentation

Culture table at the farmer's market, possibility of presenting art and cultural projects at the Hermagor farmers' market (contact: Wulfenia Art Club and City marketing Hermagor, Farmer's Market Organizer: Martinzenbauer), participations and coordinator desired

Art and nature projects in and around Hermagor before 2020, a compilation (publication) of the Gailtal Academy Santonino, monograph as a basis for the integration of existing projects into new cultural creation

Image projections

An art and culture project to revitalize Hermagor's city center, cooperation with Hermagor city marketing, information Inge Lasser, Gia Simetzberger, participation and technical support desired

Water, bodies of water

Hermagor, city of water, Water theme variety, a keyword concept, implementation desired (Gia Simetzberger)

Water project for Hermagor's schools and kindergartens, a concept, implementation desired (Gia Simetzberger)

Legends, myths, places of power Publication, basis for new cultural and nature projects (Gailtal Academy Santonino), participation desired

Electricity, power generation
  • The Mühlbach as an energy showcase, a project idea by Franz Wiedenig, Hermagor
  • Show power station old Domainko power stationa possibility that is being considered with Water Energy Experience for children, pupils at the show power station (Our Mühlbach)

Man and nature in harmony, Working title for a planned, already decided interdisciplinary long-term project (Gudrun Kargl, area of geoculture, in cooperation with the Gailtal Academy Santonino and artists)

Land and Water Art Symposium, according to an older concept, concept still available, Gia Simetzberger

Messages of water, an artistic film project of the Simetzberger art family, preliminary work was done years ago

Cultural paths, cultural places, power places

Art hiking trails, legend hiking trail, story hiking trail, poetry hiking trail... just project ideas(Gia Simetzberger)

A literature square in Hermagor, readings at the literature square, readings in the Schützenpark (Sieglinde Jank-Arrich, Hermagor)

Locating and rebuilding power places, a collective project, Gailtal Academy Santonino

Older art and nature projects

A lot of great things have already been done in and around Hermagor and should get more attention. Projects that have fallen asleep should, as best as possible, be awakened from their slumber. The above-mentioned publication of the Gailtaler Akademie Santonino is being produced in support of this. Art and nature projects in and around Hermagor before 2020.

Gailtaler dowsing rod hiking trail Obervellach - Radnig - Hermagor, Peter Bachmann, Untervellach near Hermagor

Nature trail Radnig, Kurt Grollitsch, Radnig near Hermagor

Gold seat stones and Wander Gold Stone, a land art project by Johannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff, UPPER AUSTRIA

Gailtal Art Symposium, Rattendorf, upper Gailtal, Manfred Schluder (Chairman), Kurt Grollitsch (Deputy Chairman)

Ingeborg Bachmann Memorial Stone, Obervellach, Initiator Inge Lasser, Sculptor Herbert Unterberger


This was the Peace Park in Hermagor.

It is all the more important to save in Hermagor what can still be saved from disappearing.