This statement was recently made by the artist Gudrun Karglfrom whom we received the very first contribution for the art project Messages to the Mühlbach, even before there was a website for it. She dedicated a peace symbol for Hermagor to the Mühlbach. Was it a premonition, considering the destruction of the peace park in Hermagor?

We have succeeded in Online petition for the Mühlbach to be reactivated. It remains within the competence and responsibility of the Citizens' initiative Save the Mühlbach in Hermagor.

Participants in the art project Messages to the Mühlbach, as of 16.4.2021

Johannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff (picture), Barbara Essl, Hans Egger (picture), Peter Ian Espino Capocao (text, picture, poem), Anni Fortunat (picture series as herald), Hermann Fritz (text, song), Gailtaler Literaturkreis, Horst Giertzuch, Bernhard Gigacher (poem), Ludwig Haas, Siegfried Hájszan (text, piece of music), Silvia Hashold (text, picture), llse Hirschmann (text, Collage), Sieglinde Jank (poem), Gudrun Kargl (text, picture), Friedrich Kohaut (text, picture), Werner Eugen Lardy (text, composition), Inge Lasser, Ulrike Maturana Dorado, Engelbert Obernosterer, Christin Breuil Pala (text, picture), Jakob Koby Pernull (poem, video), Bernd Schirner (text), Edi Simetzberger, Gia Simetzberger (text, picture), Peter Simetzberger jun., Sissy Sonnleitner (video message), Herbert Unterberger, Markus Wagenhofer, Hubert Waldner (text)

The Artists' Association Hermagor is pleased about the successful, sometimes deeply touching contributions of the artists. The project is still growing and there is no end date for it for the time being.