The art action "Messages to the Mühlbach" is process art (work in progress).

Great joy. Many well-known artists have heart for the Mühlbach. Some contributions are finished or almost finished.

Johannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff, Hans Egger, Hermann FritzIlse Hirschmann, Sieglinde Jank-Arrich, Gudrun KarglWerner Eugen Lardy, Inge Lasser, Engelbert Obernosterer, Christin Breuil Pala, Gia SimetzbergerHerbert Unterberger, Markus Wagenhofer, Hubert Waldner

It is touching to be able to feel so much sensitivity page after page and to receive so many expressions of solidarity.

And it still goes on and remains exciting.

Gössering and Mühlbach at the Stocksteinerwand, older photo