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In 2016, a group of citizens formed an initiative to keep alive a romantic mill brook which is situated in a small town in the Carinthian Alps, Hermagor, in Austria, Europe.

Local artists went deliberating how to support the struggle to save this precious piece of both nature and culture, cherished by the inhabitants and visitors of this place.

The decision was made to start a bunch of actions, with noth local installations along the brook and messages to the brook all around the world.

If your heart is telling you to assist this action, feel free to contact us and let’s work together.

Look at the messages which arrived us up to now to give you some impressions what contributions may look like. All types of art are welcome (paintings, photos, videos, texts, music,…).

We appreciate your message in your original language as well as in English as a bridge.

It’s easy to support this art action >

A jewel both in terms of nature and culture

The bed for this brook was constructed almost four centuries ago. The water of the brook served to power several mills and for energy supply of different enterprises. Formerly, the water was also used by housewives to wash their laundry, to water gardens and for of the benefit farms and households in the vicinity. Fisherman enjoyed to cultivate trouts and other fish in the fresh and clear waters of the brook. The brook would serve for fire extinction in the city by the local fire brigade and to reduce the water masses of strong rain falls.

The role of the brook nowadays

Nowadays, people enjoy a walk along our rivers and brooks for relaxation.Water is still used by several households along the river. Producing enterprises and farms exist along the Hermagor are gone. In our epohc, the possitve energy and the ecological value of water gets more attention as ever before.

Both inhabitants and visitors were fond of the strong brook with the clear water. Until, a couple of years ago, a very unfortunate decision had been made by the federal government of Carinthia without informing the citizens and the representatives of our community. The truth and the facts are with us, the citizens, in all points. Since 2016, endless efforts have been done some activists 2016 to reestablish the former situation. If you are interested to learn more about the facts, please feel free to ask.

The photo beside shows the place where the brook begins. This first segmnent of the brrok had bewwn given to a privater owner. This proved to be an absoullut fail decision as this owener does not vcare about anything except himself. In his segment, he puts all his energy into cutting the water supply to the brook. His intention to establish a tiny private power plant failed and now he seemingly needs to show his frustration to everyone. However, this man is not to blame. It is the Austrian Republic (as the former owner), represented by executive decision makers, to take the responsibility for the distorting consequences and to take action.

The role in future

We are experiencing a global paradigm change. It is quite possible that our economy gets shrunk to smaller dimensions. Decades ago, experts (such as the Club of Rome) realized that there cannot be eternal economic growth and irresponsible exploitment would be unbearable for our planet Earth. This means to us, it is most important to care about our local ressoureces. Future will tell whether we will build small mills along the brook again, might use water supply in an extended mode again, would live on a self-supplying base again, we never know.

In any case, the brooks need to get revitalized again. Different ideas and concepts are prepared for additionale impulses along the brook. Like stations with lyrics, historical information, information about all sorts of meaning of water, guiding energy walks, ornithological and herbal lecture tours, and more.

A permanent ROUND TABLE is about to be established in order to bundle and enforce oue collecive efforts to save the mill brook (March 2021). Reports about the activities of the citizen initiative (in German). In case of rising interest, a English short version will be contributed.

Together, let us save the mill brook of Hermagor.

Would you like to support us?